The power of Nature

Yuëai is Nature Centered; Our focus is to provide all natural, and sustainable ingredients for your mind, body and spirit in order to create balance, Yuëai. Over time, We have gotten out of balance with ourselves and with Nature. Balance is needed to sustain our own existence and that is called homeostasis. Just as we need to maintain our own physiological function is the same balance that nature needs to sustain itself. So Yuëai's mission is to create that balance within Yuë through beauty and wellness. When we understand our connection to Nature, we can understand ourselves, and nature becomes our healer.

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Our Standards

Our Source

All of our products are made with all natural, and organic ingredients. they are also cruelty free, vegan, Paraben free and do not contain any artificial dyes or fillers. We pride ourselves in providing the most optimal ingredients possible for your skin and wellness needs.

The Science

At Yuëai, we have been formulating and testing our products for over 5 years ensure quality and effectiveness. Our founder is also a Certified herbalist, Pharmacy school student, and Ayurvedic Practictioner who takes pride in providing effective products by combining science with nature.

Our Commitment

Yuëai is nature oriented and we are committed to providing Eco-friendly packaging that does not polute the land nor harm our oceans. We are partnering with different organizations to work on improving our carbon footprint and providing a positive environmental impact.

Founder & CEO

Ausatta Ayo

Welcome to Yuëai Botanica! I am so thrilled that you decided to embark on this healing journey with me.

I have spent years formulating and molding Yuëai into a space of community, wellness, healing and sustainability. What started as a self healing journey expanded into a mission that I am so honored to share with you!

Yuëai is a way of life, it is how we maintain our own existence. Yuëai is and literally means balance; this balance is what we need to be better versions of ourselves.

As a Certified Herbalist, Ayurvedic Practitioner and Pharmacy School student, I am committed to providing optimal wellness and Beauty products for the world. By combining the essence of Nature with Science; magic is created.

Souced by nature, backed by science.

Thank you for embarking on this beautiful journey with me! I hope nature embraces you.

Love, Ayo


Humble Beginnings

How it all started

Yuëai began in my dorm room kitchen at Spelman college in 2017. I started formulating natural products for myself because I noticed how other chemically enriched products and my nutritional habits were effecting my health. Through years formulating products for myself and seeing how it changed my life, I wanted to share this gift to the world.

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Nature = yuëai